Snug Pak PakBox

Snug Pak PakBox

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To prevent smaller items getting lost in a larger rucksack or case, our range of four, multi-functional packing boxes, each increasing in size, are really useful for grouping small products such as t-shirts, socks, underwear and all kinds of small items, without taking up any more space.

The mesh front panel allows you to see what’s inside at a glance - you'll never lose a pair of socks again...

The PakBox is designed with convenience in mind, allowing you to quickly and easily organize your belongings. Mesh side panels offer ventilation and allow you to quickly identify what's inside.

Supplied in four convenient sizes:

Pakbox 1: 20 x 12 x 6cm
Pakbox 2: 23 x 20 x 6cm
Pakbox 4: 30 x 26 x 8cm
Pakbox 6: 35 x 32 x 9cm