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Tour & Overland Expedition's Terms & Conditions


*Booking of your tour is carried out Via either our website www.timeless-overland.co.uk or via e-mail ant@timelessoverland.co.uk.

*Upon booking this forms part of your contract with Timeless Overland.

*Bookings are only complete once full payment and your booking form is received by us before the due date which is 7 weeks prior to your tour.

*Once we have received your complete booking our cancellation policy applies which must be sent via e-mail. If your booking within 7 weeks of your tour full payment must be made at the time of booking.

*Deposits for tours are available upon request, where a deposit is paid this enters a contract with Timeless Overland which is non-refundable.

*Deposit terms, upon paying a deposit the full balance must be paid before the due date, you may make individual payments at any time, but your booking is not complete until full payment is received. Our Cancellation Policy also applies to this method of payment. 

*All our tour prices are based on 2 Sharing for tours which include overnight stays. For families booking more than 2 passengers please call us before booking to arrange.  Prices for day trips are based per vehicle.

*Upon Booking you agree that the vehicle used is fully road worthy and legal, Carries insurance and Mot. Timeless Overland holds no responsibility for your vehicle’s road worthiness.

*None of our self-drive vehicles are allowed out of the UK. If found to be out of the UK Timeless Overland will shut the Vehicle down and arrange collection at your costs.

Changes to your booking.

*Any changes to your booking must be made via telephone or e-mail. While Timeless Overland will make every effort to help with this, sometimes a charge may apply, examples include, Changes to hotel room booking, Adding passengers. While we don’t charge for changes to your booking there may be a charge by a third party.

*Although we take great care in the route planning, descriptions, accommodation’s and any other information published, Timeless Overland reserve the right to change / Modify these at any given time.

*Timeless Overland will contact the lead name on the booking should any major changes happen to your planned tour, this will be carried out via e-mail.

*If any changes happen before or during your tour by fault of Timeless Overland, i.e. cancelled accommodation’s or event / Experience. Timeless Overland will compensate you by offering you a free place on the same tour for a later date or equivalent

*Changes to your booking maybe made due circumstances and unforeseeable events out of Timeless Overland’s control which include but not limited to, Vehicle breakdown, War, Riots, Terrorist activity, Natural or Nuclear Disaster, Adverse weather conditions, Fire, Floods, Road Closures, Accidents, COVID-19 Pandemic or any other UK or Global Pandemic, 

*Changes to your booking / tour date made by you, if your new tour price is higher you must pay the difference. If your tour is cheaper and before 7 weeks away, we will refund you, if the change is within 7 weeks, we may refund depending on third party costs this is not guaranteed.

*All of our tours require a Minimum of 3 bookings for the tour to run, In the event your tour does not meet this Criteria, Timeless Overland will Offer you a place on a later tour of the same or to the same value of our choice. This does not qualify as a cancelled tour by Timeless Overland. 

Cancellations & refunds

*In the very rare chance that Timeless Overland have to Cancel your tour, we will notify you asap. Upon cancellation we will refund you the Balance paid (not including any deposit, cancelations do not include date changes.

*If we haven’t received your final balance within 7 weeks before your trip after paying a deposit, we will treat this as a cancelled booking, opening up your space for another client. However, we will attempt to contact via e-mail twice before hand. If we have no reply this will cancel your booking.

*In the event that Timeless Overland have to cancel your tour, Timeless Overland are not responsible for any third party costs made by yourself and not included in your tour which include but not limited too, Ferry's, Hotel bookings, Toll roads, Breakdown costs, 

*All Cancellations must be via e-mail and made by the lead booking name.

Following a confirmation by Timeless Overland. A Cancellation may result in charges if made before 4 weeks of your tour. Charges as follows

Percentage of total price payable: 

*45 days Plus: 25%

*30 - 45 days: 60% 

*Less than 30 days: 100 % 

*Deposits on tours are non refundable 60 days before your tour date due to our costs of arranging, camp or hotel fees and any other costs to us incured. 

*Refunds will not be issued for a no show on any booking or tour.


* Payments must be made via our website proir to your tour. 

* Tours with depost's, Final balance must be made 60 days before your tour is due to take place. 

Driver / Passenger responsibility

*Timeless Overland will not cover injury’s or death.

*No driver can drink any alcohol and maybe given a breathalyser if suspected to be under the influence of drink. 

Passengers in our Vehicle

*All passengers please ensure when leaving the vehicle all belongings are taken. We will try our best to return any lost items. But with no Guarantees.

We are not responsible for loss or costs.

*Any damage to the Vehicle will be charged to the credit or debit card provided. You will be notified once the vehicle has been inspected and payment charged for.

*Any sickness / spillages will incur a charge of £100 cleaning costs.

*No smoking is permitted in the vehicle

*No eating unless prior arrangements.

During your tour

*All of our guides and tour leaders are trained and qualified within there field.

*During your tour you agree to listen to the guide and their decisions during any tour, each guide has the right to refuse or expel persons if they suspect or act in a way that may affect the safety of others on the tour.

*Any costs incurred due to changes or circumstances out of Timeless Overland control to some included but not limited to, Vehicle breakdown, War, Riots, Terrorist activity, Natural or Nuclear Disaster, Adverse weather conditions, Fire, Floods, Road Closures, Accidents, COVID-19 Pandemic or any other UK or Global Pandemic, ferry cancellations, speeding fines, border closure or difficulties, blocked routes, cancelled hotels, Climate. Will be your responsibility and paid accordingly.

Understanding risk

*Upon booking you accept that your Vehicle is prepared for the tour you have booked on, Timeless Overland accept no responsibility for damage or loss.

*Timeless Overland Accepts no responsibility for injury or death.

*Upon Booking you are aware that this is not a race or rally, But a guided tour around legal routes at a steady pace,

*By booking with Timeless Overland you understand the risk involved and the dangers which maybe faced which may include, Remoteness, extreme weather, sheer drops roadside, difficult recovery or evacuations, Medic services delayed.

* While we plan our routes, they are designed to be driven with care, we can't Guarantee you won't endure some damage. Although the route is non damaging if driving with care sometimes mishaps can happen. Some of lanes may have some overgrowth in places which could cause minor scratches depending on the time of year. Also could include rocks.

Water crossings can be deeper than useral at times of the year and its our discretion if we should drive though. Although if deemed safe to cross, we cant guarantee your make it though due to reason's out of our control. Examples include but not limited too, driver error, driving to fast, vehicle not equipped to drive such crossing, vehicle failure, Snorkal not fitted correctly. We will not cover any loss, damage, injuries or death. 

Tour Photos / Videos

*All Photo's and videos taken on your tour remain the intellectual property of Timeless Overland.

*All our photos are watermarked.

*We give all clients a exclusive license to use our photos for personal or reshared on social media platforms. Such as but not limited to Facebook, instagram.  

*All photos reshared must retain there watermark. Posting on Instagram this isn't always possible. In this instance the Photo must be credited to @timeless_overland.  in terms of ( Photo @timeless_overland )

*Upon purchase of your tour this forms your contract with timeless overland with photo licensing. 

*You do not have the right to edit the photo in any way.

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