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Garmin InReach Mini

The time of year has come around for us to re-new our subscription to our Garmin inReach.

we are no way affiliated with Garmin and this is purely a loose review on our thoughts and what it does. 

You may ask what is a Garmin inReach and we thought this would be a great time for us to talk to talk it. What is it / what does it do and how can this little thing help keep you safe. 

What is a Garmin inReach ?

It is a two way communicator that works where cell phones don't by using the 100% global Iridium® satellite network. This meaning where ever you are in the world you can. navigate your route. track and record your route and also send / receive messages, check the weather.  But most importantly activate a SOS to a 24/7 staffed global emergency response. 

Also using Gps you can send your location and the emergency services know exactly where you are. 

It has a small screen

Yes although the device has a really small screen the whole device can by used from your phone via a app ( Earthmate ) which connects via Bluetooth.

  • Waypoints
  • Routes
  • History
  • Weather
  • SOS
  • My inreach
  • Contacts

if your interested in knowing more we've attached a link to a you tube video 



There is monthly costs involved and a one off activation cost of £29.99 with there been many options depending on use from personal or professional plans.  



Is the product worth it and Have we ever had to use it ?

The product is 100% worth it not only as a business but also for the personal side of things, Having that piece of mind from our reeky tours been alone or when hiking our kayaking down river. The product is a great investment and if your in the market for two way communicator or a SOS device this is certainly one to look at. 

 No we haven't and we'd like to keep it this way :)





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