Shropshire Tour report.

On the 26th November seen us back in Shropshire on one of our best selling one day tours.

We had a good selection of vehicles mostly land rover dominant ranging from the new 110 Defender to the Discovery 2. 

Starting our day in Craven arms at a local cafe where we grabbed a warm coffee and made our introductions for the day ahead. 

Soon after it was time to head for the lane's, convoy in tow (not literally but then again we was all in land rovers mostly) im sure we all have a love hate relationship with them, oh and a Hilux but shhhh, we won't go into that old age argument right now, Maybe in another blog or even a head to head video maybe ;) 

 Making our way towards the Long Mynd passing the wild ponies on route, there always stunning to see,  Of course Stopping for a brief photo. 

 Ponies have grazed on the Long Mynd for centuries. With a number of around 20 today who are well adapted to the harsh conditions of life on the hill. 

We was soon into the first trail of the day passing though a old farm and climbing up the hill, for a view of the valley ahead. leaving here we headed east towards a nice little interesting track that drops into a very shallow water crossing, to which was much deeper than normal given all the rain. was a clear indicator that the crossing later on in the day maybe impassable, but we will come to that later on. Climbing up out the water and through the first set of muddy ruts and into the section where we need to select low range. A steep hill with some slippy tree roots near the top makes this more interesting, but all of the group made it up with ease. 

Heading away from here we pass though open fields with the terrain changing to gravel tracks.

Prior to lunch we climbed another hill with deep ruts on the left, as we made our way up, we come across a couple of small washouts which tested the suspension and cross axel articulation, a chance for the centre diff lock or traction control to do its thing. 

Lunch time we stopped off at local pub for a little rest, refuel ourselves and grab a drink. 

Back on the road, we made our way towards two water crossing's. As we approached the shallow one of the two. It was important to check the depth in the lead car after all the recent rain, knowing we had a stock Shogun and a Defender in the group with air intakes that are very acceptable to taking in water, we deemed the crossing too risky for these vehicles. After a brief chat with the group they were all happy to skip this crossing and the second due to water depth. Always better to be safe than sorry in these situations. 

On track towards Long Mynd summit for the last sections of the day. We altered to Low range once again, making our way along the rocky trail on the vast hill side. 

Stopping at the peak for a photo opportunity. A brisk stop due to the wind chill.

 The last part although the longest lane  crossing the Mynd to finish up at the top of the Burway ready to make our way back down into the town to finish up.


If you would like to join us for a tour of Shropshire click HERE for all the photos of this trip please click HERE

Thank you to everyone that joined us on this tour and look forward to seeing you again soon. 

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