Litter Picking in Worcestershire.

On Wednesday 9th March we put a team together for a day on the lanes in Worcestershire. This trip was a little different from our normal tours. 

We posted on our social media for a trip offering a free guided tour with only one obligation, picking up litter and debris as we go. 

We had a huge amount of interest in this event and sadly couldn't take you all.

Joining us for this Day was Dean from (Ox overland) Also Mark (Ambulance service and rescue) and Richard in his 300 TDI. 

Starting off just off the M5 junction 6 Worester we made our way towards White Ladies Aston where we started the day with 2 Fords of the 11 on our route. These areas have been known for a lot off piste activity over the years and although its still happening it's not as bad, We expected a lot of rubbish here but in these 2 lanes around half a bag was collected. 

As the day went on what we was starting to see that the lanes with harder access tended too be pretty clear of rubbish mostly the odd pop bottle here and there. The lanes that had off piste activity we found it was mostly broken lights or engine under panels, exhausts and other plastic car trims.


As for the lanes that was easy access, flat or graded or just off main roads we found bags of plaster board, Toys, and general rubbish from fly tipping.  Does this mean although the council do a great job keeping the lanes open and grading them is it also opening up much more fly tipping ? The lanes with deep ruts and generalaly tighter did tended to be clear of rubbish. 

What did we find ? 

 Bags of Rubbish  11
Car trim panels 
5 / 10 liter containers 


Large toys 




Large area of fly tipping 


Car exhaust



We'd like to thank everyone that come along and our next day clearing the lanes will be at Shropshire, Please head to our website to book your place in helping clear the lanes of rubbish.  ( BOOK HERE )

If you would like to Donate to help towards the costs of disposing the rubbish via proper means any donation would be grateful. 






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