Catching up with JK Overland.


It’s been a while since we've seen our friends Jack and Kristina from Jk Overland, With both of us having busy schedules grabbing a day we have both been free and not the other end of the country has been hard, But Sunday this happened only been 2 hours apart. At 10am me and Abbie set off for the town of Rippon. 

We decided on meeting halfway and the aim to hit a few trails, catch up on their recent trip in Europe and beyond making it all the way down to Montenegro and tell them all about our trip over to Norway. If you follow there YouTube, I’m sure you have been keeping up with their travels in Molly there MK1 Mitsubishi Pajero. Which has had a makeover recently in a new colour scheme, this was our first time seeing this in the flesh and WOW she looks amazing the guys have done an epic job creating an all-new classic look. 

The day was planned for the Yorkshire Moors, Route was set for 21 miles only a short trip as we wanted time for chatting and catching up and having no radios on the day we decided to only do a few lanes. 

The first lane of the day was the tightest of the bunch and the Hilux only just fitting though along with a small water crossing turning into a tight turn and a huge rock to avoid made this a little more interesting, a shame the water wasn't deeper given the rain we had but a pleasant lane for sure. 

 The second lane was very long across the top of the moors, and the longest of the day, usually there's amazing views from here but with heavy fog seeing 100 meters in the distance was hard, we thought at one point we lost Jack and Kristina in the fog, turns out they had stopped for videos and photos as the weather up there made for some very cool moody shots and video. Dropping down from this Lane there was a few tight off camber bends where the terrain changed from almost smooth gravel to rocks adding a little more fun into this lane. 

 Over the dam here and given the weather we couldn't tell how long it would take to cross. Certainly, felt surreal driving across between the tight stone walls. 

At the end of the dam we took a left turn on to the last lane for the day, this was the most interesting and the only time we had to engage 4Low, a very steep loose climb over rocks and some little step ups along the way which lasted for a good while. To make this lane more eerie in the dense fog this trail is called Dead mans hill. The name of the hill apparently refers to the murder of a Scottish pedlar in the 18th century. The murder was carried out by the proprietors of an inn which was situated where the ruins of Lodge can now be found. The body was buried on the hill but later uncovered and the perpetrators hung at Pateley Bridge. With the ruins right on the edge of the trail as we passed by. 

Before levelling out on top of the Moors just as the cloud breaks and reveals stunning views all around. Made to the perfect end just the moment the sun was setting, we made our way for a local pub to finish up with a Sunday roast, cold beer and a few games of darts. Kristina's hidden talent is seems smashing those bulls’ eyes. 

 Thanks to Abbie, Jack and Kristina for another great day, with more adventures in the future planned. 

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Keep a eye out for our next Blog coming soon from our day Filming last Friday. 

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