A day with Carwow Hilux vs Ranger Video

The battle between the Hilux and Ford Ranger

The Ford Ranger vs. the Toyota Hilux is a classic matchup in the 4x4 world. The Toyota is known as one of the best vehicles out there for its reliability, while the Ford Ranger is known for being an off roader with a lot of torque.

Ford introduced the Ranger in 1982 as a 1983 model in an effort to compete with small pickups being produced in Japan. Over the years The Ford Ranger has become much more refined and popular and is now a very powerful vehicle that can tackle any terrain with ease. 

On the other hand, The Toyota Hilux started production in March 1968 and has gain world-wide exposer for been one of not the toughest 4x4s on the market. It is also great for off-roading thanks to its high ground clearance and low centre of gravity (which helps keep it running smoothly over rough terrain). Toyota Hilux is the most popular 4x4 in Australia and New Zealand. The name's been around for decades, and it's become synonymous with trucks that can withstand any weather and terrain. 


On the 19th of November we joined the well-known YouTube channel Car Wow for one of these Off-road battles between our Toyota Hilux and the brand-new ford ranger from the guys over at 4x4AT. 

During the battle with Matt driving the Ranger and Yianni in the Hilux go head-to-head over 6 different obstacles. 

  • Uphill drag race 
  • Decent Control 
  • Turning circle race
  • Cross axels 
  • Ramp over and approach angles
  • Steep uphill climb

Starting the Hill decent battle who will win?

Each battle was graded on points. 2 points for the win. 1 point if completed the challenge and 0 points if you failed to complete.  As each battle finished each of the vehicle's was very close and at times are to call who won.  Matt and Yianni certainly made good entertainment and put each car through its paces around the off-road course. 

We don't want to give too much away. go watch the video to see the action on the day. 

Thank you to Car wow for getting in touch. 


 To find out who wins Check out Car Wow’s video below. 

All filmed by Car wow. 

All filmed by Carwow. 


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