Ox Overland Dakota 210 Roof Tent REVIEW


After having this tent for well over 18 Months now, using in all kinds of conditions the worse 70 MPH wind gusts, we thought we'd review our experience with the roof tent.

First off, the spec's:

This tent covers a very good size of sleeping space coming in at 

56" wide x 94" long (143x240cm) plenty room for 2 adults or 2 adults and a child.

Closed size:  49’’ wide x 57’’ long x 11’’ high (125x145x28cm)

Open size:     56" wide x 94" long x 49" high (143x240x126cm)

Weight:   50 kg

The body:

This tent is made up from a heavy-duty lightweight Aluminium Base with 25mm Aluminium fabric wrapped poles with alloy connectors. A very nice touch to the tent is that the  poles are covered which helps with Condensation.

 Over the body the main fabric is made up of 600D Rip-stop canvas/polyester - Breathable, mould resistant, with UV protection & waterproof PU coating. Over this we have the rain fly which is made of 420D Polyester Oxford with taped seams and PU coated. Making sure the tent stays dry inside what ever the weather outside. 

Supporting doors at each end and Windows on each side there's no shortage of ventilation and views all around. 

Sleeping:  Utilising a moisture-resistant 70mm high-density foam mattress with a heavy-duty cotton removable cover which makes for washing easier, we found the mattress to be very comfy and always a good night’s sleep, along with the insulated foam base cold transfer isn't a problem. 

Added to this there are 2 roof sky light's which offer a view of the sky but can also be closed to keep the tent darker inside. Added with this you can also open these on the inside fabric to help circulate air in the tent which is a nice touch. 

Set up times:

Ox Overland state set up time is around 15 minutes for this tent, however once you’re used to this tent, we found from parking up to fully open you can get this tent set up in around 5 minutes. Just add your bedding. 

Packing down this tent takes a little longer, but again, once you’re used to the packing down you can get this down to around 7-8 mins. 

Arriving at camp we found the tent quick and easy to set up.  Soon getting our bedding in ready for a good night sleep. We have been out in this tent in good weather and very bad weather. The worse in 70 MPH gust where in the morning the wind managed to fold the tent back in half, this is no fault of the tent and all soft-shell tents this will happen so a good idea to anchor down from near the top of the ladder if using in high winds. 

As I’ve said before in the summer there's lots of cooling options for this tent using the vast amount opening's all covered by fly screens so you really can get a good air flow though the tent without the worry of flys and midges coming in. Also having slightly thicker fabric than some of its competitors it helps keep a little warmer in winter. 

Things we love:

  • Useable space in the tent. 
  • 4 storage pockets
  • The amount of Ventilation.
  • Sky Lights.
  • Ability to stand bad Weather.

What we don't like:

Although Ox Overland have supported us over the past year or so we want to be true to the product:

And tbh over all the time we've had this tent the only thing we've not liked is the packing away time, but this is standard with any soft-shell tent and all take around the same time. Whichever the manufacture.

If quick pack away time is essential to you look at the Brand-new hard shell from Ox Overland. 

Would we buy again?



Rated out of 10.



Set up time 


Pack away time 




Value for money



Total = 41 / 50

What we’d like to see on tents, this comes across on all tents tbf, but somewhere to hold a tablet or iPad would be great for getting warm and watching a film on wet cold nights. 

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