Expedition, Wales & Shropshire Weekend

Expedition, Wales & Shropshire Weekend

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Our Expedition Tours are designed for a full on adventure from start to finish and one you won't forget. We run smaller groups for these tours, 

Starting our day in craven arms we make our way though wide open grassy fields along with water crossings and tight technical lanes, perfect chance's to grab photos and videos. continuing on we negotiate huge side leans, long slippy climbs and with plenty water crossings, stopping in town at the local shop for supplies. The evening time we will be camping with a fire on the go and we will have our bbq lit, bring your own food to cook, sit back and relax and enjoy the night. 

Day 2  we have a couple of routes to choose from both just as good, upon leaving camp we head straight though a ford and out into the lanes, The lanes for this could include a mix of the following. very steep rocky lanes with big wash outs ( Winch may come out today ) along with long bonnet deep water crossings and finishing up in a tight lane with a good hard climb and axel twisters. 

Some lanes may need clearing or trimming back from fallen tress to allow us to pass, We all work as team to clear these. 


Camping ( price based 2 per vehicle )

Meeting Location:

Craven Arms 

8.30 Am. 

What do I need for these Expediton tours ?

These tours are a lot more intense than our normal tours, with deeper water and ruts and in places tight, large axel twisters and big side leans. Fallen trees and huge wash outs, working as a team to negotiate terrain, while also learning new technics.  

Vehicles for this tour must have a minimum of All terrain tyres 31 inch, Diff breathers, a fully sealed Snorkel, 1 Set of recovery boards (any type), Recovery Kit, Saw / Axe.  A winch is recommended but not essential. 

Due to the nature of these tours, you may pick up bush scratches and depending how you drive very light panel damage. ( Our vehicle hasn't yet but some have on these tours )

What happens next ? 

After we have received your booking form, link to this in your confirmation e-mail. 

We will check your booking and list you down, if there's any problems we will contact you asap, Around 7 days before your tour we will receive a e-mail with the meeting location, times, and anything else needed for your tour. Any questions please e-mail us.